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Taking the Initiative Leads to Growth

Being a good leader is what’s going to propel your business’s growth forward. In order to be a good leader, one must know when and how to take initiative. Sometimes good initiative looks like letting the right person take over. Start taking initiatives that can connect people. By delegating tasks to those with matched skills you will improve efficiency in the workplace. When you help your employees improve efficiency and productivity it shows you are enthusiastic and serious about your business.

Your employees mirror what they see in their supervisor because they understand that to be approved behavior. When they see that your method works, they gain confidence in the ability to do their job and become less resistant to new rules or procedures. The courage, enthusiasm, and energy with which you take any initiative, big or small, motivates them to work on the same frequency.

Along with the improvement of work processes, 79% of employees say they have/will quit a job due to insufficient appreciation from their supervisors proving that even if you’re a natural born leader, leadership training is crucial for employee retention.

Here are our top tips for taking initiative and being a good leader:

Boost confidence, Give honest feedback. Let employees know when they are doing things right. Express satisfaction and give honest feedback to boost employee confidence and overall company morale. This helps build open communication culture.

Take Accountability. Although something might not be your fault, when you’re overseeing a group of people it is still your responsibility. Taking responsibility and being open to suggestions on how to better prepare your team to prevent future mistakes is a great leadership skill to have.

Hire Women and POCs. According to research by DDI World “Companies with greater gender diversity were 1.4 times more likely to have demonstrated sustained, profitable growth”. Put basically, companies lead by women make increasingly more money and isn’t that what we all want? In addition to that, companies with an inclusive workplace culture have better employee retention.

Keep stress down. According to a survey conducted by Korn Ferry 76% of employees say that stress at work is negatively impacting their personal relationships. There are times when things may go wrong or get hectic around the workplace because of workload and deadlines. Handle these situations as proactively as possible. See a stressful time as an opportunity to present your leadership skills and use your resources to put together a problem-solving plan. Provide employees with material on how to reduce stress and prevent burn out. Our HR solutions can definitely alleviate that stress for you.

Know when to ask for help. How you approach challenges demonstrates your ability to address a difficult situation. Turn your challenges into opportunities. Being able to adapt to change is a necessity for company leaders to ensure longevity. Part of being a good leader is knowing when to ask for help. Most business owners have noticed this fact that is why leadership training investments were estimated at 357.7 billion worldwide in 2020.

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