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Tips for new employee success

 HR: Tips for new employee success

 Make it special, comfortable, and a positive experience.

These three words mean a lot to a new employee. They expect a healthier workplace that offers support and opportunity for growth. When you add new members to the company, focus on ensuring they feel valued and integrated into the company culture. A good company always tries to keep its best employees.

Here are some tips on making sure new employees start on the right foot.

✔  Plan a flexible introduction

Introduce new hires to all existing employees, reporting managers, the CEO, and especially to the teams they will join. Arrange a proper introduction to explain the company policy and procedures along with employee benefits. Give a presentation on the company’s history and work culture. Introduce new employees to the workplace and provide ample training of technologies used in the organization. 

✔  Send positive vibes

Meeting a group of strangers on the first day of work can make new employees nervous. Make your new employees feel special from the moment they join with a company email welcome along with individual emails from members of senior management. Inform the receptionist about the new arrivals and prepare a welcome kit to make them feel welcomed.

✔ Provide a workplace setup

Make sure that the IT team installs and gives access to all the applications and generates corporate email IDs. Crosscheck with the administrator to confirm setup is complete.

✔ Host a team lunch

New hires need to know each team member before starting work. Organize a team lunch so they can bond and get to know each other. This can help new employees to work efficiently and collaborate with the team members.

✔ Allocate time for training

Do not push new employees to immediately become productive. Partner them with an experienced employee who will introduce them to company products and services and allow them to go through previous projects. This helps them to understand the quality of work offered to clients as well as building a relationship with their fellow colleague.

✔ Follow up weekly

New employees tend to push themselves harder to accomplish tasks. It is important to follow up and ask for feedback.

✔ Create a process

Do you have a cohesive onboarding plan?

Do you want employees to feel more comfortable at your workplace?

If you want your employees to feel secure, implement good HR strategies. It can help your company to retain the best employees. Keep all the paperwork ready and walk employees through the onboarding process.

We hope these tips help in easing the new employee onboarding process.

Recently, Raquel Liriano joined us as Human Resources Business Leader. For a smooth and comfortable transition, we followed our own suggestions on hiring. We have optimized our joining process so that new employees feel like they are part of the family.

We hope you, too, can follow the above tips to ensure employee satisfaction.

About Raquel Liriano

Raquel started her career as an elementary school teacher. Her vision to grow personally and professionally led her to pursue a postgraduate Master of Education in curriculum and instruction from Lesley University. She later transitioned to a career in Higher Education, where she gained experience in human resources training and development. At the same time, Raquel pursued a Master of Management in organizational development.

Personal life

Raquel is the first in her family to earn two Master’s degrees. Her family’s support resulted in multigenerational family achievements. Raquel’s personal and professional accomplishments serve as the motivation for the three children she raised. Now they are successful young adults. 


Raquel is an emerging poet. Her poetry stems from her intercultural and life experience of being born and raised in the US. She embraces her Dominican roots and culture. Raquel is the recipient of the 2021 Voices of Color Poetry Fellowship from Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing.  

Raquel is a board member of Faraday Publishing and volunteers her time in mentoring, educating and empowering young women of color within her community.

Raquel’s creative hobbies range from painting, sewing, and designing jewelry. She takes care of her mind and body with reading, yoga, and meditation.

Professional Life

At Ark HR Solutions, Raquel brings a combined breadth and depth of human resource experience. She anchored her knowledge from education and professional experience in academia and the corporate world. Her values, including a collaborative leadership style, multi-faceted responsibilities, and focused initiatives, contribute greatly to the organization and its growth. Arka HR Solutions will continue to grow with the help of Raquel’s skill.

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