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What is your company culture and how does it affect you?

A company runs and grows with the help of trusted employees; they form the backbone of your organization. If you examine the culture of your company, you want it to be one where your employees perform their best.

To see quality output, offer a stress-free work environment; to achieve a stress-free workplace, enhance your company culture.

Company culture affects your entire organization’s values and it also impacts tomorrow’s business. It reflects on your mission, values, and goals. When you have a good culture, employee behavior spreads positive vibes internally and externally.


A happy employee can motivate peers to increase their performance and support them in their work and personal life.


When an employee shares good workplace stories with family and friends, it may interest them to join your organization.

How is inappropriate company culture affecting you?

Decreases Productivity

To enhance employee productivity, offer provide the best support to them. This allows them to share their ideas, collaborate with peers, and raise questions related to projects and the company’s workplace.

Three ways to boost productivity

  • Open management support
  • Extra perks
  • Rewards and recognition

The impact of a poor company culture

If you fail to provide this type of support, employees may feel stressed-out and leave your company.

Slows down Hiring Process

Reviews left by previous employees can both affect the hiring process and damage the company’s reputation. Negative reviewers can also impact the possibility of potential employees accepting offers. Candidates often check company culture before they apply for a job.

To improve the hiring process and expand your team more efficiently, showcase and promote your company’s positive qualities. Focus on helping employees understand how you can empower their career with work-life balance. You can also share your workplace benefits with them.

Spoils Company’s Image

A good company culture promotes employees to increase their productivity. This reflects indirectly on customers and their projects. If your customers don’t get the desired output, you will probably lose a good client. Likewise, negative client testimonials can jeopardize your company’s reputation.

Company culture builds a brand in the market and attracts new customers and employees to join your company.

5 ways to improve company culture

  • Empower and encourage
    The most efficient way of encouraging employees is by offering them a chance to share their feedback regularly and rewarding them with awards and bonuses. You can motivate them by acknowledging their efforts in growing the company.
  • Promote workplace flexibility
    Allow employees to work from their comfort zone with flexible shifts. This can boost productivity as well as give them peace of mind.
    When you promote complete flexibility, employees may open up more and provide their best without feeling stress.
  • Transparency
    Communicate with your employees, listen to their ideas, and stay in contact with them. Give them space and offer management support in all possible ways. This helps you to build trust and encourages a strong relationship.
  • Career guidance
    Employees can feel trapped by doing the same work every day. They aim to grow and develop and it is your responsibility to provide them with new opportunities.
    You can help employees navigate their career path by offering various learning programs and involvement in new projects.
  • Social gatherings
    Make an effort to get to know your employees outside of company hours.  This will make them feel refreshed and relieve work stress.

Social gathering ideas include:

  • Celebrating festivals together
  • Organizing cultural and fun events
  • Plan team dinners frequently
  • Attend day outings quarterly
  • Plan a weekend trip every year

P.S. Arka HR Solutions can work to enhance the culture in your company to help your business thrive. You can leverage our human resource solutions, administrative solutions, and safety and environmental services to build a company culture where your employees will thrive.

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